Joe Parcell is the Division Director for the Division of Applied Social Sciences, and a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Missouri. Prior to being appointed Division Director Dr. Parcell held the position of MFA Professorship in Agribusiness.

Dr. Parcell’s research involved price analysis, marketing, and assessing drivers in the food value chain. In total, he is the author of over 200 journal articles, book chapters, abstracts and proceedings, posters, organized symposium presentations, and extension publications. To date, he has secured over $5 million dollars in grant funding. Dr. Parcell co-authored the seventh edition of The Global Agricultural Marketing System by V.J. Rhodes, J. Dauve, and J. Parcell.

Dr. Parcell is a graduate of the Graduate Institute of Cooperative Leadership (GICL). He has served as state and federal reviewer for the USDA producer value added grant program, and he has reviewed and been a panel member for SBIR proposals. He also serves as the linkage between applied value added related research and policy, by responding to opinion leaders for how to improve the rural business climate. He has served USDA in the capacity of Livestock Marketing Information Center representative committee member for mandatory price reporting. Dr. Parcell’s global marketing discovery missions have taken him to Europe, Central America, Africa, and many Asian countries.

Dr. Parcell previously served as the director of the MU Extension value added program. Dr. Parcell’s work in value added agriculture has allowed for him to provide market opportunity opinions for projects related to biomass conversion and co-product marketing, beef, pork, rice, organic, non-GMO exports, fertilizer, renewable fuels, nuts, vegetables, industrial products, food products, and aquaculture.

Dr. Parcell was named Division Director of the Applied Social Sciences division December 15, 2017. The division is an interdisciplinary academic unit of agricultural economists, agricultural educators, hospitality managers, rural sociologists, and science and agricultural journalists and communicators with an annual budget of more than $12 million. The division is home to 45 faculty, 39 academic associates and staff, nearly 100 graduate students, and 500-plus undergraduate students. The division is credited with over 16,000 student credit hours annually along with over $4 million in grant expenditures annually.

Dr. Parcell received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa, and he earned his master’s and doctoral degree from Kansas State University.