Research Consultant II


B.S. in Animal Science; University of Missouri

Research Focus:
Along with the current swine research team, working to establish the new Swine Somatic Cell Genome Editing Center (SSCGEC) at the University of Missouri. This includes construction of additional swine facilities and helping to investigate and develop new biomedical models and assays that will be used in the Center. Working with the Directors, will be scheduling and overseeing new research projects in the Center while managing the daily activities of the Center.

Theresa Musket has over 34 years of service at the University of Missouri (MU) in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR).

After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Missouri in December of 1986, Theresa started her career working at the Experimental Station Chemical Laboratories at MU. She conducted chemical analysis of fertilizer and limestone in support of the Missouri State Fertilizer and Agricultural Limestone Regulatory Laws and analyzed samples for proximate, nutritional, and trace mineral analyses in accordance with the Official Methods of Analyses and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procedures.

In 1992, Theresa moved to the Maize Research Team at the University of Missouri where she worked on various research projects with three Maize Researchers over the course of 15 years. These areas included the Maize Genome Database, the Corn Earworm Project, the Maize Mapping Project, Functional Genomics of Root Growth and Root Signaling under Drought, and Maize Functional Genomics. Theresa managed the Maize Functional Genomics Molecular Biology Laboratory from 2000 until the end of 2007.

From 2008 thru 2016, Theresa was the Laboratory Manager of the Molecular Genetics and Soybean Genomics Laboratory at the University of Missouri. She conducted research with the abiotic stress research team and managed the Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) phenotyping work in the lab. She administered the program budgets, research records and inventories, curated the lab website, and managed the daily laboratory operations for the Laboratory for nine years and coordinated the National Center for Soybean Biotechnology (NCSB) daily activities, outreach events, administered the budget, curated the NCSB website, and organized the annual Symposium for three years.

In 2017, Theresa joined the MU Strip Trial Program where she coordinated on-farm trials being conducted by corn and soybean producers throughout the state of Missouri. Theresa worked with Extension personnel and farmers to set-up and carry out trials on farmer fields, used GIS software and GPS equipment for field layouts, gathered information about each trial location, and maintained communication with Extension personnel and farmers throughout each year. As a licensed drone pilot, Theresa took aerial images at all trial locations and collected and processed soil samples. She managed data organization, analyses, created trial reports that were sent to farmers, created flyers, and disseminated upcoming trial information to recruit new farmer participants statewide. She also managed social media for the program including the MU Strip Trial website and Twitter account.

In December of 2019, Theresa joined the Division of Animal Sciences to work with the new Swine Somatic Cell Genome Editing Center that is being set up at MU. Theresa is assisting the current swine research team with setting up new swine facilities and helping to investigate and develop new research models that will be used in the Center. Working with the Directors, Theresa will be scheduling and overseeing new research projects in the Center while managing the daily activities of the Center.

Theresa is a co-author of 23 refereed scientific publications, 9 non-refereed publications, and over 75 abstracts. The list of refereed publications is listed below:

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