Sarah’s extension efforts align closely with supporting University of Missouri Extension’s county engagement specialists who specialize in community economic development and working with the Exceed program.

MU Extension’s Exceed – Regional Economic and Entrepreneurial Development program enhances economic development opportunities by providing high-quality research and insights to its partners.

Local communities in Missouri are supported by extension county engagement specialists (CES) fluent in community economic development.  Find a local CES to contact regarding your community’s economic development needs.

Exceed faculty and staff partner with businesses, communities, regions, governments, and nonprofits invested in expanding economic development potential. To explore and assist with pursuing economic development opportunities, Exceed offers several services:

  • Regional economy evaluation
    • Project evaluation and survey support
    • Industry and occupational analysis
    • Cluster analysis
  • Rural economy growth strategies
    • Entrepreneurial ecosystem building
    • Growth strategy research and data synthesis
    • Strength, challenge and opportunity assessments
  • Economic impact analysis
    • Impact modeling for grant/funding opportunities
    • Industry contribution analysis

Stay updated about Exceed news and initiatives: