Current offerings

Plant Sciences 3275 — Grain Crops
Lecture and discussion covering production and utilization, and the growth and development of a wide range of grain crops, including Missouri crops. Problem solving tasks include agronomics, economics and environmental factors. Instructors: F. Fritschi

Plant Sciences 4315/7315 — Crop Physiology
This course introduces students to the concepts of crop growth and development and provides a basic understanding of the principles and practices involved in modern agroecosystems. Emphasis is placed on physiological processes and morphology of crop plants, and their application to crop breeding and management decisions.

The course consists of lectures, discussions, and laboratory sessions that provide an overview of how plants function. Fundamental processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, nutrition, and hormones are discussed and brought into perspective with regard to crop management, production, and yield formation. Instructor: F. Fritschi

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