Jianjun Yin, visiting scholar

Jianjun Yin is a visiting scholar from South China Agricultural University. His previous study focused on collecting environmental information of farmlands and status information of crops using agricultural Internet-of-Things (IOT) technologies. Now he has an ongoing research project focusing on IOT-based data-driven decision support system for precision crop and livestock farming.

Email: jianjunyin@scau.edu.cn


Tianhua Li, visiting scholar

Dr. Tianhua Li a visiting scholoar in MU and an Associate Professor in Shangdong Agricultural University, China. His research focuses on development of emerging technologies for controlled environment production.

Email: lth5460@163.com


Dandan Fu, visiting scholar

Dandan Fu si a visiting doctoral student at MU. Her previous study is non-destructive detection methods and device development of protein content and quality of chicken egg during storage based on spectroscopy. Now she has an ongoing task to develop a fast measurement of nutritive values in soybean using reflective hyperspectral imaging.

Email: 15527058156@163.com



Xiuqing Fu, visiting scholar

Dr. Fu Xiuqing was a visiting scholar of Dr. Zhou Jianfeng’s research group at the University of Missouri-Columbia from June 2017 to July 2018. His previous research focused on the NC Non-traditional processing technology and intelligent agricultural equipment. During his visiting period in MU, Dr. Fu carried out the field and greenhouse phenotypic studies in Dr. Zhou’s research group. At present, as an associate professor of agricultural engineering at Nanjing Agricultural University, he is developing a mobile greenhouse for phenotyping of field crops. By controlling greenhouse factors, real-time phenotypic data acquisition of above-ground and underground parts of field crops under different environmental conditions was realized.

Email: fuxiuqing@njau.edu.cn


Meina Zhang, visiting scholar

Meina Zhang was a visiting scholar at Mizzou from December 2017 to December 2018. Her previous studies were electronic control system for variable spraying pesticide and the automatic guidance control system for agricultural machinery. During the study in Mizzou, she was researching on a project which was estimation of maize yield and effects of variable rate nitrogen application fertilization using UAV visual images. And after, she may focus on sensor and automatic detecting technology and variable spraying technology for plant protection machinery.

Email: jing.zhou@mail.missouri.edu


Shuiqin Zhou, visiting scholar

Shuiqin Zhou was a visiting scholar at Mizzou from August 2017 to August  2018.

Wenyi Cao,    visiting master student,    2018

Wenyi Cao is a joint master student at University of Missouri during 2017.09-2018.09. His previous study is on mechanical equipment and electronic control system. During the study in Mizzou, he was researching on developing a 3D imaging system to collect the data of soybean automatically, and using the data to analysis the variation of plants. Now his research is on 3D printing, scanning and Cloud computing.

Rong Xiang ,    visiting scholar,    2018

Fang Yang ,    visiting scholar,    2018

Email: yangfang@mail.hzau.edu.cn

Fang Yang was a visiting scholar at PAAL (Precision Automated Agricultural Lab) from November 2017 to November 2018. Her previous study is about control and diagnosis of networked control systems. During the study in PAAL. Her task was to monitor soil erosion based unmanned aerial vehicle. At present, she is an associate professor of College of Engineering at Huazhong Agricultural University, and her research focuses on sensing and robotic technologies to improve orchard production and management.