We are three weeks into our lecture seminar and have had three incredible speakers thus far.

  • Dr. Randall Prather- “Genetic Engineering Swine to Solve Real-World Problems”
  • Dr. Sarah Schlink- “Back to the basics: a refresher on aseptic technique, peri-operative care, and biosecurity”.
  • Dr. Wesley Warren- “Resources to Study the Chicken Immune System”

We have a record number of attendees and hope to continue seeing new faces every week.

1/31/23-Matthew Lynch

Our first MULE Team meeting of the 2023 schedule was Dr. Matthew C. Lucy. Dr. Lucy is a Professor at the University of Missouri in the division of Animal Sciences. He teaches undergraduates about a variety of topics, including his passion within Dairy Science.

Dr. Lucy shared with us about his, ‘Project Update: Functional Significance of Growth Hormone Receptor Promoters.’ This seminar was a great opportunity for collaborators to help plan and set goals for Dr. Lucy’s pig research.


7/20/22- Riley Sullivan

Riley Sullivan will be heading to the AFRI Animal Reproduction Conference next week to present her Master’s work on CXCL12 Expression in Porcine Interferon Gamma Knockout Conceptuses During Early Pregnancy.

Her work with other MULE Team member, Dr. Geisert will help researchers understand more about early stages of reproduction and endometrial immune cell migration and proliferation.

6/7/22- Jonathan Green, PhD

Yesterday the MULE team’s weekly meeting was led by Dr. Green. Dr. Green is an Associate Professor in Animal Sciences. He studies Reproductive Physiology and Molecular Biology while teaching Physiology to undergraduates and mentoring graduate students.

Dr. Green presented an overview of Somatic Cell Genome Editing. This program is somewhat new and growing within the University of Missouri. This program aims to accelerate the development of tools to edit genomes of disease-relevant somatic cells. Genome editing is a new technology that could offer treatment options for many diseases.

Thank you for presenting Dr. Green! (There are no more meetings until the Fall semester starts)

5/25/22-Mariana Sponchiado, DVM, PhD

The MULE team had the honor of listening to Postdoctoral candidate Mariana Sponchiado at this week’s meeting. Dr. Sponchiado received her DVM in 2013 and then a Double-PhD in Animal Reproduction in 2019. She is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Florida, looking for a lab to continue her research.

MULE team members sat in on a Presentation from Dr. Sponchiado, From the Endometrium to the Airways and Back. In this presentation, she discussed commonalities of cells found in the airways and cells found in the uterus of several species. If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Sponchiado’s research, you can find many of her publications here: Sponchiado M – Search Results – PubMed (nih.gov

Dr. Prather introducing Dr. Sponchiado to the audience

Welcome to the MULE Team

This is the Welcome Page for the laboratory of Randall S. Prather.

Thank you for visiting our laboratory web page. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about our team that work in and out of the lab performing research we then publish. Dr. Prather has assembled a team of hard-working people that facilitate world-wide collaborations. These results aid in accomplishing goals that are unattainable in a single laboratory.

Dr. Prather’s laboratory, in combination with others here at the University of Missouri, constitute the MU Livestock Engineering Team, or the Mule Team. Pigs, which are amazing biomedical models, have been our focus. However, we are branching out into other species. We have made over 70 different genetic modifications in pigs and produced over 1,200 cloned pigs. The program focuses on embryo technologies including oocyte and preimplantation embryo development, embryo culture, and cryopreservation.

The MULE Team has weekly meetings to discuss genomic engineering goals and projects within the community. Here the team collaborates and helps facilitate the progression of other research.