Genetic Engineering by the Mule Team is funded by the following mechanisms.

  1. Internal Funding from the University of Missouri
  2. The National Swine Resource and Research Center
  3. Subcontracts to the National Swine Resource and Research Center
  4. Subcontracts or Direct Funding to one of the Principal Investigators at Missouri

Here is a partial list of the genetic modifications that have been made at the University of Missouri.

  • Cancer (CAG-Floxed-Stop, KRASG12D, p53R167H; caCSN2-miBRCA1-RASSF1; APC-/-)
  • Cardiovascular Disease (hFAT-1+; TEK-NOS3+; TEK-CAT+)
  • Airway Disease (CFTR-/-; CFTRΔF508/ΔF508; CFTRΔF508/ΔF508, Tet-on CFTR+; CFTRΔF508/ΔF508, FABP2-CFTR+; shRNA CFTR; MUC5AC-/-, MUC5B-/-; CLCA1-/-; EDA1-/-)
  • Diabetes (ssGIP-hINS+; TIE2-GRP78+)
  • Disease Resistance (SIGLEC1-/-; CD163-/-; CD163-/domain 5-hCD163L1 domain 8; CD163-/-, SIGLEC1-/-; TMPRSS2-/-; ANPEP-/-; CD1D-/-; ANTXR1-/-)
  • Enhancing Meat Quality (hFAT1+)
  • Fanconi Anemia  (FANCA-/-; FANCD2-/-)
  • Heart Development (Floxed FGF8/MESP1CRE; SAP130-/-)
  • Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy/Embryo Development (CYP19A1&2-/-; IFNG -/-; PTGS2-/-; IL1B2-/-; GLS-/-)
  • Muscular Dystrophy/Atrophy (DMD+/Δexon 46; COL6A3; SMN+/-; SMN+/-, hSMN2+)
  • Pharmaceuticals (FIX+, VWF+, SERPINA1+; FVIII+, SERPINA1+, FURIN+)
  • Phenylketonuria (PAH-/-)
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome (Imprinting region deletion)
  • Regenerative Medicine (IL2RG+/-; RAG2-/-)
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa (P23H RHO+; RHO-/-)
  • Suicide Prodrug for Liver Transplantation (ALB-TK1+; AFP-CDA+)
  • Tracking/Tools (CAG-eGFP+; CMV-eGFP+; ZP3-CRE; UBC-Tomato+; CAG-Tomato+; UBC-nls eGFP+; PSMA1-eGFP fusion protein+)
  • Usher Syndrome (USH2A-/-)
  • Xenotransplantation (GGTA1-/-; GGTA1-/-, CD55+; GGTA1CD55/+; GGTA1-/-, CD55+, CD59+, ENTPD1+, THBD+; CMAH-/- ; FAH-/-, RAG2-/-; SIGLEC1-/-, B4GALNT2-/-; B4GALNT2L-/-)