The MULE Team and the National Swine Resource and Research Center (NSRRC) has multidisciplinary collaborations.   The NSRRC distributes “all things pigs”; including live pigs, but also Cells, Tissues and Organs (CTOs). The NSRRC has provided tissues and pigs to numerous investigators throughout the country. The past year the NSRRC has genetically engineered pigs and created new models of retinitis pigmentosa, cardiovascular disease, hepatocyte transplantation, Usher syndrome, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, heart development, and pigs whose organs are used for xenotransplantation.

The NSRRC has collaborated with or distributed CTOs to the following groups this year:

Emory University
Harvard University
Mayo Clinic
Nayan Therapeutics
Oregon Health Science University
State University of New York
University of Alabama
University of Colorado
University of Florida
University of Louisville
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska
University of Pittsburgh

This year, the NSRRC has also distributed to several Institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The chart below lists the NIH Institutes that have received CTOs.