Our people are what have made this laboratory successful. These people work directly in our laboratory and the laboratories of collaborators.

Name Title
Randall S. Prather, PhD Curators’ Distinguished Professor
Kevin D. Wells, PhD Associate Professor
Kristin M. Whitworth, PhD Associate Director of Research Activities
Bethany K. Redel, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor
Camila Bonemann-Bender Post-Doctoral Fellow
Mariana Sponchiado Post-Doctoral Fellow
Susan Schommer, PhD research h Scientist
Jaewoo Kim, PhD Assistant Research Professor
Carol Gomes Lucas, PhD Assistant Research Professor
Melissa M. Samuel Manager Research Activities
Lee D. Spate Senior Research Specialist
Anna M. Spate Senior Research Specialist
Dakotah Moore Senior Research Specialist
Skylar Young Senior Animal Technician
Amelia Yoakum Senior Research Specialist
Casey Myles Senior Animal Technician
Desirae Martin Research/Lab Technician
Emily Eitel Research Specialist Manipulation
Paula R. Chen Adjunct Assistant Professor
Rylie Noland Graduate Student, MS
Evan Grusenmeyer Graduate Student, PhD-Wells
Katy Stoecklein Graduate Student, PhD-Prather


Bottom Row (left to right): Randall Prather, Elaina Sculley, Kiho Lee, Ty Montgomery, Ben Nelson, Cari Green, Riley Sullivan, Laurie Touchard, Carol Lucas Gomes, Anna Spate, Kailyn, Paula Chen, Skylar Young, Sue Schommer, Camilla Bender, , and Jessica .

Middle Row (left to right): , Sabrina , Emily, Kaylynn Monarch, Junchul (David) Yoon, Rylie Noland, Melany Madrid, Glenn Barkman, Mariel English, Desirea Martin, Amelia Yoakum, Hunter Murray, Chi-Hun Park, , , Hongjo Kim , Rachel Klein, and Lilly Miller.

Top Row (left to right):Nick Palmgren, , Dakotah Moore, Evan Grunsemeyer, Brian Kunder, John Driver, , and Melissa Samuel.

September 5, 2023. Unfortunately, this is only a portion of the fantastic team we have pictured.