The people are what has made this laboratory successful. These people work directly in my laboratory and the laboratories of my collaborators.

Name Title
Kevin D. Wells, PhD Associate Professor
Kristin M. Whitworth, PhD Associate Director Research Activities
Bethany K. Redel, PhD Research Scientist
Susan Schommer, PhD Research Scientist
Jaewoo Kim, PhD Research Assistant Professor
Carol Gomes Lucas, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow
Melissa M. Samuel Manager Research Activities
Lee D. Spate Senior Research Specialist
Anna M. Spate Senior Research Specialist
Raissa Cecil Senior Research Specialist, Graduate Student
Chad O’Gorman Senior Research Specialist
Melissa Fudge Research Specialist
Sabrina L. Hammond Research Specialist
Caroline Pfeiffer Research Specialist
Nathan Schwartz Senior Animal Technician
Skylar Young Senior Animal Technician
Morgan Dotson Research Laboratory Technician
Emily Eitel Research Laboratory Technician
Paula R. Chen Graduate Student
Katy Stoecklein Graduate Student
Evan Grusenmeyer Graduate Student
Theresa Musket Research Consultant II